Eyenet License Plate Recognition Systemseyenet_boarder

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

EyeNet ALPR technology delivers the industry’s fastest, most accurate license plate recognition functionality at some of the most affordable pricing on the market. Deployed in a variety of solutions for fixed and mobile law enforcement applications as well as for access control in municipal and private security and parking facility applications, EyeNet ALPR products include:

> Eye-Lane
> Eye Speed
> Eye Radar
> Eye Access

eyenet_parkingTo provide security for the following applications:

> Airports
> Harbors
> Government Parking Garages
> Fortune 500 Companies
> Warehousing and Trucking Facilities

Each EyeNet ALPR product is specifically designed to meet customer requirements, including reliable performance at speeds above 120 mph, the ability to process up to 100 license plates per minute, day/night operation and the flexibility to be integrated into virtually every existing fixed or mobile law enforcement and security camera network in modern use.

eyenet_softwareEyenet ALPR software resides on the client's existing DVR. The software is intuitive and user friendly. Eyenet can accept inputs from four cameras. Eyenet doesn't require expensive proprietary cameras with special filters, Eyenet works with standard commercial cameras with a resolution of x. Virtually any existing security cameras should provide adequate resolution.

Each camera can control a single lane of traffic or multiple cameras on a single lane of traffic to assure a proper read from various vehicles such as trucks, cars, buses and emergency vehicles entering a large drive. Eyenet will read and then compare a vehicles license plate to an existing data base. Eyenet will then perform a preprogrammed action such as open a gate, send a email to security, activate a audible signal.

Eyenet brings a new level of dependability in license plate recognition systems that was unprecedented until now. Call Tri-Cor at 1.800.249.0674 for a field demonstration or web demo.

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