Telephone Entry Systems, How To Selecting The Proper Unit

sesTelephone entry systems are a reliable means to provide communications with a guest at the entrance to a home, a condominium / office lobby or the entrance to a gated community. Telephone entry systems provide not only communications with guest but a means for the resident to release (open) a door or gate to permit the guest access. All telephone entry systems can provide simple access control by programming pin codes that residence or service providers enter using the keypad. Programmable telephone entry systems provide complete access control of gate, doors, elevators and garages.

Telephone Entry Systems fall into four categories:

  1. Residential Telephone Entry System
    For single family residence .

  2. Auto Dialers Telephone Entry System
    For multiple family dwellings.

  3. Programmable Telephone Entry System
    Application is condominiums, office buildings that require full access control.

  4. No Phone Line Telephone Entry System
    Utilizes existing phone wiring in a multi family dwelling.

To learn more about the applications and features of each system select the application from the side menu.

telephone groupTri-Cor has carefully researched the benefits and feature of each major manufacturer of telephone entry systems. Tri-Cor has developed the empirical knowledge of each manufacturer and its equipments features and benefits. This resource of knowledge is available to provide dealers the competitive edge in the selection and design of a telephone entry system. You can select with confidence any telephone entry system and be assured you will receive a quality product and knowledgeable support during installation and programming.

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