Tri-Cor Events and Seminars

seminarTo demonstrate new products and provide continuing education to contracting professionals in the access control, security and fencing industries Tri-Cor holds various seminars, events and open houses. Tri-Cor has just held its annual Oktoberfest and a Doorking training semminar. Tri-Cor next event will be an automatic gate operator sales and technical traning seminars in January and Feburary of 2010. chef_clintPlease return to this site for more information about this and other events of Tri-Cor's.

We invite you to view recent events that Tri-Cor has held. Select the links below and see examples of events and seminars that Tri-Cor dealers enjoy.



DoorKing Workshop April 15th, 2008
Tri-Cor Open House February,2008
Tri-Cor Oktoberfest 2007
Tri-Cor Oktoberfest 2008
Tri-Cor Oktoberfest 2009
Tri-Cor Pig Roast 2012